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Updates for 2020 TOEFL iBT testing for University entrance exam system

ETS has released its 2020 TOEFL iBT testing dates for Japan's University Entrance Examinations system.

The schedule covers 4/11-11/15 2020 and includes 32 testing dates. The number of dates for each month are:

April (3)

May (4)

June (3)

July (5)

August (6)

September (4)

October (4)

November (3)

Please find the detailed schedule here:

The test is offered an average of 40 times per year throughout Japan, usually on weekends. Testing venues are in all 10 districts of Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

The price is unchanged at $235 US.

If you are considering the TOEFL iBT for university admissions, the exam must be taken between April and November.



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